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There are a number of regional themes with multiple unique background images hidden from Windows 7 users.  On a Windows 7 install with United States regional settings only the United States theme is shown but there are actually four more themes hidden from view.  Below are all the regional themes included in Windows 7:



Accessing all the themes is easy to do once you know where to find them.  The trick is to navigate to the C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT directory.  The MCT directory within the Globalization directory is super hidden so it will not display even if show hidden files and folders is enabled.  Just click on the address bar of any folder and manually type in or copy and paste in C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT and hit Enter.

Once you have reached the MCT folder you will see five directories as listed below:

  • MCT-AU
  • MCT-CA
  • MCT-GB
  • MCT-US
  • MCT-ZA
To view and use the theme for each region just navigate into each MCT-Region directory, enter the Theme sub-directory and double click the theme file.
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Legend. Thx.
Posted by Danny Seduce on 4 years ago

On The French version, you find a MCT-FR and I suppose you can find many others depending on the language. Why not have a catalog of those?
Posted by Yves Michel on 4 years ago

I also unlocked Japan and Germany
Posted by Rameyuk on 4 years ago

Hei guys happy to hear that u ppl unlocked ur themes but in my system there isnt any folder named MCT inside the specified folder.Mine is windows7 ultimate.(any exceptions???????)
it was home basic orgnial version and i upgraded it to ultimate....
Please help i have only 1gb internet usage per month and i am simply wasting my mbs by downloading regional themes so pls help guyss
Posted by Avinash on 4 years ago

Just enter the path in the address bar of ur windows explorer, u'll be directed to the given folder, and follow the instructions.
Posted by Karthik on 4 years ago

It doesn't work with all versions. I own a Windows 7 Home Premium in German language. I bought it at a German store because I live in Germany. During the installation the only language that can be chosen is German. And so there is only a folder named MCT-DE inside the MCT directory. The same thing with the German 90-day trial of Windows 7 Enterprise.

I guess these hidden Themes only exist on those versions, where the language is spoken in more than one countrie (EN -> US + GB + AU + NZ + CA). Okay, German is also spoken in Austria and Switzerland, but I believe to remember that the Austria Theme for example was published on microsoft.com some days or weeks after Windows 7 was available in stores. So there were only "main country" themes available on retail versions (Germany, France, Japan, USA, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China and so on).
Posted by David on 4 years ago

Hi, i have a HUGE problem. See, the thing is, i am usng windows 7. But I dont have themes! i dont know how this is even possible. can anyone help?
Posted by Aishah on 4 years ago

It also not work with my german version of Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit.
So don't worry if it is not working in your version.You are not alone.
Posted by Roland on 4 years ago

Hi to all,
great website!
I also use Win7 Starter for 2 weeks now and this background is bullsh.. Bec of help of this site i could at least change the login-pic. But now the wallpaper must be removed - it´s nothing else than ugly.
Like Aishah+Roland this link "C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT" does not work. i get the answer "file not found"
Does anyone hv further informations?
Posted by Richard on 4 years ago

Burn, baby, burn!
Posted by Exeaux on 4 years ago

Posted by Arty on 4 years ago

wow thanks a lot for this info :)
Posted by Svbreeze on 4 years ago

Yes, its only in the language installed. My instalation (W7 ultimate) is in Spanish and only intall, Spain theme
Posted by Cesar on 4 years ago

Posted by Harminder Singh Chahal on 3 years ago

I found it tahnks for giving and showing thes theme thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Posted by Osama on 3 years ago

Thanks for info.it works.......
Posted by vampire on 3 years ago

Thanks for this info. In Windows 7 ultimate there are several 19 themes you can choose from.
Posted by Francis on 3 years ago

worked like a charm for me, Thanks!
Posted by Shirley on 3 years ago

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