Customizing Logon Screen Background in Windows 7

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When I first started to customize logon screens in Windows using a resource hacker to replace bitmaps in logon screen DLL files was the only way. This would get the job done but it would also break digital signatures on the system files, something that Microsoft values more and more with each OS release.  For the first time in Windows with the Windows 7 release, Microsoft is providing the ability to customize the logon screen background without hacking any system files.

Using a feature that was originally designed for OEM computer manufactures like Dell and others to brand their computers, everyone can now safely customize their Windows 7 logon screen background.

The actual process requires creating some registry keys, folders and files. To simplify the process I created a free utility called the Logon Changer that will allow you change the logon screen background with just a few clicks.

After you download and start the utility just click Change Logon Screen and then select your new background. 

The new background will be active as soon as you select the new background. Click Test to see it in action.

Make sure that the background you select is smaller than 256KB, otherwise it will be rejected because of a size limitation set by Microsoft.

If you want to remove your customized background just click Revert to Default Logon Screen and the registry changes will be removed.

Click here to visit the Logon Changer Web page and download for free.

If you would like to manually tweak your logon screen by editing the registry and copying files visit Rafael's tutorial here.

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Thank You
Posted by ert on 5 years ago

mine always reverts back to normal when i reboot. I just installed the RC1 windows 7 and im wondering if that's it
Posted by Brad on 5 years ago

Thank You
Posted by Danil on 5 years ago

I love this simple and easy to use tool.Worked great to easily change my Windows 7 log-in screen from the boring blue screen provided by Microsoft.Thank you!
Posted by David on 5 years ago

took them long enough. still not very tweakable though...simple background change? Lame.
Posted by terminhell on 5 years ago

What if you make it take settings the way wallpaper does - image rotation, position, base folder, etc.?
Posted by CarlosMC on 5 years ago

Preserve image aspect ratio missing.
Thx for the app.
Posted by CarlosMC on 5 years ago

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm working to provide more image options in the next version.
Posted by Steve Sinchak on 5 years ago

Great job on this one. I use it faithfully! And i've passed it along to many..
Posted by bill on 5 years ago

This is not good. I set it and when i shutdown the computer it uses the one i want. But upon reboot it uses 7's default again. WHY!
Posted by George on 5 years ago

I'm from Russia, Moscow.......... Very nice programm!!! Best Regards to all..... +30 degr. C now in Moscow..........
Posted by ABK on 5 years ago

hey, great work. however i wanna know if you could also have the option to tweak the size of the logon user account picture. i would want to make it a little larger. thanks.
Posted by eltercero on 4 years ago

This little app is just the ticket for customization to the log on screen, thank you so much. Just a thought I had though, would it be possiable to add to this app and be able to use a differant picture for the log off screen as well? Really would be a great addition to a great app if you could do it ( at the going price of course )
In any case thanks so much for this app
Posted by Lee on 4 years ago

First I want to say thank you for this handy tool.
Second, I want to post a suggestion:
Why not have the least selected folder instead of the defaulty My Pictures folder in the open dialog?
Posted by Andreas on 4 years ago

I'm having the same problem where it reverts back to normal when I reboot,

Any Ideas?
Posted by PanicAcid on 4 years ago

Hey how about having a random option. Say you give it a folder and every time you boot up it chooses a different image out of the folder and uses it. To me that would be pretty awesome because then you would have a different one every time and it wouldn't be the same boring one over and over until you change it. That's all I have. Other than that it's a good program.
Posted by furman on 4 years ago

Thanks for a great app. Feature Request: It would be nice to add a button to Always use Custom Logon Background. Right now when you setup the new logon background, if you change themes it will go back to the default Windows 7 logon backgroup. Yes, by changing the setting in the reg or via a GPO this can be fixed but it would be nice just to have the option in the program. Thanks
Posted by Craig on 4 years ago

Thank you for this tool - really nice and I'm thinking about customising our corporate OS image with an updated logon screen.

Do you know what resolution the image needs to be? Presumably Windows scales it but what is an ideal shape/size to start with?

Posted by Philip on 4 years ago

This is great, thanks a lot!
Posted by Corie on 4 years ago

where can i download can i get more themse
Posted by Petter on 4 years ago

Yeh, great ap. Just need to fix why it doesn't stick. Always reverts back to default after reboot. Other than that, killer ap!!!
Posted by Mike on 4 years ago

I continue to get an error saying that I don't have access
Posted by Bill on 4 years ago

windows 7 logon screen changer program doesn't work reverts to default screen.
Posted by toy_doc on 4 years ago

i have an acer runnin windows 7 home premium but when i tweak it from the original backround it just goes to a green acer backround on the logon screen
Posted by Nathan on 4 years ago

For those of you having issues try clearing the contents of C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds before selecting a new background. There may be some OEM junk in there. If you need further support try posting in the forum here:
Posted by Steve Sinchak on 4 years ago

this is great. im oen of those people that get bore if the computer looks the same all the time. but it would be nice if this app look and actedd just a little like the one i used for windows xp and vista, on for those having trouble keeping the logon from changing on reboot, try turning off the windows background changer. that is how i got mine to stay the same.
Posted by Angela on 4 years ago

I prefer replacing the image in imageres.dll with an utility like Restorator 2007 because the size limitation imposed by Microsoft with this method is way too restrictive. I have some images with fine details and they became extremely ugly when I use this utility. And this just for my 1280 x 800 resolution, not to mention higher. Sadly that Microsoft imposed this, because not anyone can do like I do :(
Posted by Chriss on 4 years ago

Thanks very good
Posted by Fifi 900 on 4 years ago

This worked for me the first time I ran the application, but after that I keep getting this:

TweaksLogon.exe - Fatal error CLR error: 80004005. The program will now terminate.

and then it shuts down the app and I cant use it again. I tried redownloading but that didnt work either. Wish I could use it more than once =/ it was nice to have the option while it lasted.
Posted by Jayson on 4 years ago

Thank you for Change Logon Screen
Posted by Manfred (Germany) on 4 years ago

I like this utility very much. Because of the aspect ratio problem already mentioned, you have to find just the right sort of picture to work well with it.

However, when using WindowBlinds by Stardock, I can't use TweakLogon, because the buttons on the bottom of the window aren't there. The work-around is to switch back, in WindowBlinds, to the standard Aero theme temporarily and then run TweakLogon to change the logon screen.

This would not be all that frustrating, except that if you ever change the theme under "Personalize", it changes the logon screen back to the default, thus requiring going through the work-around to get the logon screen changed back to what I want it to be.
Posted by Tom on 4 years ago

THANKS! Mad props!
I'm running an Acer w/Win7 Premium and was disappointed it didn't work at first, but then I read your comment about the "C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds" folder. I went there and saw my new image and took all the yucky stock images and moved them to another folder, restarted my computer, and PRESTO! Thanks for the tip!

Now if only I could figure out how to bundle this application, or something similar, into the "personalized themes" section in Control Panel.
Posted by tigerhorse28 on 4 years ago

Jayson, sounds like something is broken with the .Net framework on your computer. Try downloading .Net framework 3.5 from and reinstall it.
Posted by Steve Sinchak on 4 years ago

Can you add a feature that will play mp4 (video) files? I have an animation set up that I was hoping to use but your program only accepts jpg files.

Posted by one1 on 4 years ago

Is there a way to remove the Windows branding at the bottom of the logon screen? I was hoping that this would remove it but unfortunately it didn't.


Posted by Eviltwin on 4 years ago

hey, the idea sounds great, but my laptop doesn't seem to let it work.

i have an acer aspire 5532? (if that's what it's called!) and it has its own custom logon screen. if i choose 'Default Login Screen' that works fine and goes to the windows 7 design, however when i choose my own picture to use, i test it and the 'acer' logon screen pops up instead.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Posted by Ben on 4 years ago

when i go to open the program it doesnt open anyone know why this is?
thanks for any help
Posted by duncan on 4 years ago

Humm... interesting,

I have always wondered how to do this inorder to brand the office computers,

Would this work on multiple operating systems... not all the computers are running 7,

Keep up the good work
Posted by London Website Development on 4 years ago

Hello, I too had the problem above on my Acer/Win7 setup, namely: the changer prog worked but always reverted to the default Acer screen when I rebooted. Your suggestion "clearing the contents of C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds before selecting a new background." solved the problem. Now if only \I could change the boot screen.......
Posted by Ross Anderson on 4 years ago

Does anyone know where you can get the OEM acer windows 7 logon screen please someone help!!
Posted by aaaaplay on 4 years ago

just did the whole "C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds" business and it works now :-D brilliant

Posted by Ben on 4 years ago

I just released a new version (1.2) that should fix all the problems users are having. You can download it now on the main software page. Just be sure to download from the server. I submitted the new version to but it takes them a while to update the site and their download server. Enjoy!
Posted by Steve Sinchak on 4 years ago

(I got here on a search.)
Thanks, Ross. Worked beautifully.
Posted by Ron A. on 4 years ago

brilliant app/ program!!! it is so much better than the boring windows 7 wallpaper that is on there! and it stays on when i turn pc on and/ or reboot, AWESOME!
Posted by benshorty on 4 years ago

Why not use Tuneup Utilities ...
Posted by Shouvik Mukherjee on 4 years ago

Posted by asfam on 4 years ago

why so serious
Posted by ahmad on 4 years ago

you need boot screen of win 7 then download here.
Posted by Vamsis on 4 years ago

Thanks Steve. Just what the doctor ordered...
Posted by Mike on 4 years ago

awersome ! thanks a lot
Posted by minoslav on 4 years ago

it works!! easy to use, thanks a lot!
Posted by papay on 4 years ago

Thx for ur awesome app!!Works like a charm!Love it♥
Posted by tattfae on 4 years ago

where i download

Posted by hi on 4 years ago

could you add function to remove the Windows branding at the bottom of the logon screen?
Posted by aca on 3 years ago

wont work, get an "Access to Path" error for the path c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds......
Im logged in as the local administrator and have tried using the tool in "run as administrator" mode?
Posted by stevenG on 3 years ago

Nice little utility.
Whether I use the utility or I manually change the logon background,
it will revert to default every time I change the background themes.
Any idea of hoe to stop that reversion?
Posted by Greg Sawicki on 3 years ago

how do you download it?

Posted by fdsa on 3 years ago

I get an error message saying Access to the path 'C:\Windows\system32\oobe\backgrounds\backup\Win7-Blue-1920x1200_9_19_201011_35_38.jpg' is denied.

I used this before, it works well... but not anymore.. i don't know why
Posted by Fohurs on 3 years ago

Well now isn't that a sweet little app! I was just looking at the boring logon pic on my laptop and wondering......How get I get THAT off my rig? I turned to the desk top and there you were :-)
Man was THIS student ready!
Thanks :-)
Posted by BiboBlueFish on 3 years ago

Ran this utility on a new Acer AIO Win7 Pro. It changed the Log In OK, but I lost the Power Button icon its now just a blank square???
Posted by Fritzbaker on 3 years ago

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by G Boss on 3 years ago

Thankz, dude!

Great app!

Worked perfectly on Win 7 x64
Posted by Jeremias on 3 years ago

Wow...THANKS! thats work! after download and then use M.S.E. and test it and see it no threats and virus! FTW!

2 thumbs up!
Posted by Unknow on 3 years ago

How come mine doesnt want to change =(
Posted by TweakUser on 3 years ago

I LOVE THIS APP!! For anybody looking for awesome backgrounds to use, just type abstract into google images. You get loads of awesome images.

I too would like a random image feature, from a set folder, so every time the computer is locked it reselects a different image.

Thanks very much,
Posted by Bryn Moorhouse on 3 years ago

thank u so much
Posted by asspro on 3 years ago

Had a problem that when a user "Personalized" their desktop, it would revert to the default logon background, just as others have posted.
Here is the solution. Go to Start, type "policy" in to the search programs and files box, select "Local Security Policy". Browse to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Logon. In the right pane, look for "Always use custom logon background". Righht click and select edit, and select "Enabled".
Posted by Mark on 3 years ago

Thanks, I love this sooo much(:
Posted by Jarod on 3 years ago

I just downloaded thanx it's awesome i can make my mates think ive got windows 7 ultimate!!!
Posted by Anon on 3 years ago

The solution by Mark is great. A shorter one is, just copy the code given below to Notepad and save it as anyname.reg file and execute (merge into the registry):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Make custom logon screen not change when theme is changed
Posted by GD Thongdok on 3 years ago

Mark's comment is useful, but a shorter method (which essentially makes the same changes in the registry) would be to copy the following code ti Notepad and save it as anyname.reg and merge it to the registry:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Make custom logon screen not change when theme is changed

Posted by GD Thongdok on 3 years ago

Awesome, much appreciated.
Posted by Mike on 3 years ago

This... isn't working.

Triple checked all registry entries, file size 250.2 kB, .jpg size 1360x768, put in proper location with proper capitalization, etc.

tweakslogon shows the image I picked in its window, but it doesn't take when I ctrl+alt+del or restart. I'm using a Toshiba Satellite laptop, Win 7 Home Premium 64-Bit.
Posted by senselocke on 3 years ago

For the access denied message:
Just to to the same exact path and change that folder properties and uncheck the read only of that folder.. done.
Posted by Mahmoud on 3 years ago

i just cleared the path C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds and it worked fine
hope it works for you all
Posted by khaled on 3 years ago

thanks for your site
Posted by Yasin on 3 years ago

wow! I've been having a problem changing the background. Followed your tip and it worked!!!! Thanks
Posted by Martin on 3 years ago

The tool worked but after using, the windows logon user picture (in the password screen) became tiny
Posted by Alex North on 2 years ago

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