Control when your PC Updates with Active Hours in Windows 10

Posted in Windows 10 by Steve Sinchak

Have you ever experience forced reboots in the middle of the workday? Windows needs to keep itself up to date to protect you and your data from the latest security threats, but there is an easy way to accomplish this without annoying downtime while your computer reboots to apply updates. The Active Hours feature in Windows 10 works like a do not disturb sign.  When it is active, Windows Update will not forcefully reboot your computer allowing you to focus on what matters most to you. 

The only limitations is the time period must be contiguous and cannot span more than 18 hours. I guess Microsoft forces you to take a break for at least six hours a day.

Configuring Active Hours is very easy.  Just click on the Start Button, type in Windows Update Settings and hit Enter.

Next, click on Change active hours.

Adjust the timeframe to match your typical schedule and click hit Save.

That’s it! Windows will respect your time and stop rebooting your PC for an update during Active Hours. 

Note: If your PC is managed by your company, your administrator may be able to override your Active Hour settings. 

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