Pin People directly to your Taskbar

Posted in Windows 10 by Steve Sinchak

How would you like to pin contacts directly to your taskbar so you can easily communicate with them over Skype or email? Included in the latest update to Windows 10 is the capability to pin people directly to the taskbar.  Best of all, you can click on their icon in the taskbar, and communicate instantly with them over skype or email all within the popup window.

To get started, you need to have set up a mail account that contains contacts on Windows 10.  Once you have done this you will see your contacts appear within the People app on Windows 10.

If the People app is not yet running, click on the Start Button, type in People and hit enter.  Then click Get Started on the bottom of the screen to view the contact list.

To pin a contact to your taskbar, simply right click on it and select Pin to Taskbar.

Pin contacts to the taskbar

Click Pin on the confirmation screen.

Now that the contact is on your taskbar, you can easily interact with it without having to launch any additional apps. Just click on the taskbar icon, select Mail:

Type away and hit Send.

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