Disable Start Menu Ads in Windows 10

Posted in Windows 10 by Steve Sinchak

After using Windows 10 for a few days you may begin to notice suggested app advertisements right on your Start Menu. Microsoft decided to use a small portion of the Start Menu to promote apps in the Windows App Store. This has become a controversial feature that many users want to disable simply because they don’t want ads in their Start Menu. This article will show you two easy methods to disable Start Menu ads on your PC. 

Method 1

If suggested app ads are already displayed on your Start Menu, the easiest method to disable them is to simply right click on the ad and select Turn off all suggestions.  

Start Menu Ads

Method 2

Alternatively, right click on the TaskBar and select Settings. 

Right click on the taskbar and select settings

Select Start

Select Start

Set "Occasionally show suggestions in Start" to Off

Set Occasionally show suggestions in Start to Off

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