Enable System Restore in Windows 10

Posted in Windows 10 by Steve Sinchak

The classic System Restore feature that allows you to easily jump back in time to undo system changes is mysteriously disabled in Windows 10.  It is not yet clear if this is the intended behavior, but if you end up in a situation where an app install, driver update or other type of update causes a problem, System Restore can be a life saver.  Rather than reset your PC to a clean install state, just revert the most recent system change with System Restore. 

Enabling System Restore requires just a few simple steps:

1. Right click on the Start Button and select System.

Enable System Restore in Windows 10

2. Click on System Protection.

3. Under Protection Settings, select your primary drive and click the Configure button.

4. Select Turn on system protection and then adjust the Max Usage percentage to something above zero. I like to set mine to 10%. 

5. Click OK and System Restore has been enabled. 

For more information on System Restore, check out Safe tweaking with System Restore.

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