Resize the new Start Menu in Windows 10

Posted in Windows 10 by Steve Sinchak

The return of the Start menu in Windows 10 brings a brand new design that mixes elements of the past with brand new usability features and live app tiles from Windows 8.  The size of the Start Menu is highly customizable and can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. You can even completely remove the app tiles from the Start Menu for a modern version of the Windows 95 start menu. 

Resisizing the Start Menu is incredibly easy.  Just grab the top or right side of the menu when it is open, and resize it like any other window on your PC.  If you would like to remove all of the app tiles, first unpin all of the tiles from the Start Menu, and then you can resize the menu down to the basic list as shown below. 

 Resize the Start Menu in Windows 10 to obtain a Windows 95 Start Menu look and feel

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