Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted in Windows 10 by Steve Sinchak

Microsoft's new Edge browser in Windows 10 includes a lot of new features including keyboard shortcuts for power users.  A lot of the old Internet Explorer shortcuts still work in Edge, but there are quite a few brand new shortcuts for the new features. 

Master List of Microsoft Edge Shortcuts

F3 - Find on page

F4 - Jump to address bar

F5 - Refresh

F6 - View list of Top Sites

F7 - Turns on or off Caret Browsing (Places a curson in webpages taht you can use to select text with your keyboard)

F12 - Open developer tools

Ctrl + Click on link - Opens link in new tab

Ctrl + number - Jump to cooresponding tab (Ctrl + 1 jumps to tab in first position)

Ctrl + Tab - Switches foreward between tabs

Ctrl + Shift + Tab - Switches backwards between tabs

Ctrl + W - Close tab

Ctrl + R - Reload

Ctrl + T - New Tab

Ctrl + I - Open Favorites

Ctrl + P - Print

Ctrl + A - Select All

Ctrl + D - Add current site as a favorite

Ctrl + F - Find on page

Ctrl + G - Open reading list

Ctrl + H - Open browsing history

Ctrl + J - Open active download list

Ctrl + K - Duplicate tab and jump to it

Ctrl + L - Jump to address bar

Ctrl + N - Open new window

Ctrl + Shift + B - Opens the favorites bar

Ctrl + Shift + R - Open page in reading mode

Ctrl + Shift + T - Open previously closed tab

Ctrl + Shift + P - Open new browser in private mode

Ctrl + Shift + N - Break out current tab into a new window

Ctrl + Shift + K - Just Duplicate tab in the background

Ctrl + Shift + L - Jump to the URL on your clipboard (URL you copied from anywhere)

Alt + J - Open feedback and reporting

Backspace - Go back a page

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