Increase Startup Performance in Windows 8

Posted in Windows 8 by Steve Sinchak

The new task manager in windows 8 provides a lot of useful performance information about your pc. One of the new features that is often overlooked is the Startup tab that displays all applications scheduled to automatically start when your pc boots up. This list is very important because each application listed, affects your startup performance. 

But how do you know which applications should be disabled? Not all applications that startup automatically are equal.  Some are tiny applications that have little if any impact while others are resource hogs that significantly impact your startup performance. This is where the Startup Impact column of Task Manager is very helpful.  on the Startup tab you will find each item listed is assigned a rating of none, low, medium, high, and not measured.

For applications listed as high or even medium, you can easily disable them by right clicking on the entry and then select Disable.

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