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Internet Explorer 9 includes a new tab view that displays the sites you visit most frequently.  The view can be accessed by clicking the new tab button or by navigating to about:Tabs in the address bar.  Frequent sites listed are limited to 2 rows (10 total sites) on the screen but this can be customized with a simple registry tweak.  With a little help you will be able to expand the most popular sites feature to create a useful dashboard to quickly load your favorite sites without typing in the addresses.

Get started by launching the Registry Editor. Click on the start button and type in regedit and hit Enter.

When Registry Editor loads, navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, TabbedBrowsing and NewTabPage.

Right click on NewTabPage and select New DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Name the new item NumRows and hit Enter.

Next, right click on NumRows and select Modify. Set the value for the number of rows you want and click OK.

Finally, close and restart Internet Explorer 9 and you should instantly see the result of your change.

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Dude, this is coool. I really neded this. Thanks aLot.
Posted by Skateout on 3 years ago

Nice Brother
Posted by Indian on 3 years ago

Nice, now for those of us with wide screens can we do the same thing with number of columns?
Posted by sswhite on 3 years ago

I have a local page that loads upon my hdd using IE9 how would I see the results?
Posted by Paul Barker on 3 years ago

stickey notes dont stay after I make them dont know were to look.
Posted by cnadu2 on 3 years ago

This works until i delete the IE history, then it goes away everytime and i have to remake it. How do i make it stay when i delete cache history?
Posted by Phil on 3 years ago

The data to fill this screen is pulled from your browser history.  If your history is cleared, the data source is wiped out.
Posted by Steve Sinchak on 3 years ago

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