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A long load time when a user starts Internet Explorer is one of the most common performance issues seen with Internet Explorer 8. The primary cause of this problem is third-party add-ons that were either preloaded on a new computer or bundled with other software and installed over time. These extra mini programs must be loaded along with the core Internet Explorer code every time Internet Explorer is launched

Internet Explorer 8 includes a very handy feature that will help you identify how much time each add-on in Internet Explorer is consuming and even disable a slow add-on with just one click. All of this can be found on the Manage Add-ons screen.

When Internet Explorer 8 is open, click on Tools and then Manage Add-ons.

Notice there is a special column called Load time. This will show the relevant time for each add-on that Internet Explorer can measure. 

If you want to disable a slow add-on, select the add-on by clicking on it. Then click the Disable button.

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Thanks for sharing this information with your readers! Disabling Add-ons that you do need is a great way to speed up load time in Internet Explorer. In fact, the IE bloggers are currently working on a series about how add-on developers can improve add-on performance. To read the first blog post of the series, visit http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2010/08/03/add-on-performance-part-1-measuring-add-on-performance.aspx where you can see a list of load times of the top 50 most popular add-ons.

Thanks again for sharing this information and keep up the great writing :)

IE Outreach Team
Posted by Cassandra_IE_Team on 4 years ago

Really dis is useful for IE8 users. Thanx for dis tip...
Posted by Priya on 3 years ago

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