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When you buy a new computer it is often loaded with extra software that you just don’t need.  OEMs are paid by software companies to bundle trial versions in hopes that you will buy the full product. The preloaded junk is a waste of disk space, memory and can even hurt the performance of your new computer so it is a good idea to remove it all.

While it is possible to manually remove each extra piece of software on your computer there is a great free tool called PC Decrapifier that will automate the process.

To get started download the latest copy of PC Decrapifier.

After the software is downloaded on your computer just run the executable. There is no installer for this software. 

Click Next on the Welcome, license and Warning screens.  Select if you are running the utility on a new computer and then click Next.


You will have the option to create a Restore Point that will allow you to revert your changes using Windows System Restore.


All of the programs that load automatically on startup will be displayed. Check the programs you want to remove and click Next. 

Before any items are removed you will have to confirm the changes.

Next you will be shown all of the applications installed on your computer. Check the items you want to have uninstalled and click Next.


Once again you will have to confirm the changes before they are made. 

Now PC Decrapifier will work through the list of applications and uninstall each software. Depending on the software you may see additional confirmation screens that you will need to click through to uninstall. Once completed your computer will be a lot cleaner and performing much better!

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This + CCleaner = Very Yes
Posted by Josiah on 4 years ago

what all should you get rid of if you use this?
Posted by nick on 4 years ago

We often do not use the software bundled with the OEMs and this just occupies space in our computer and slows it down. Hence the author of the post has suggested the software to remove all these unwanted softwares using a single program.

Posted by Hrishikesh on 4 years ago

Very nice little piece of software, very quick and asks before it removes. Recommended.
p.s. love the name it says it all
Posted by John Sokalski on 4 years ago

Why not just go through and remove them or turn them off myself??? Why download this? And some of those listed you don't want to remove or turn off... confused.
Posted by Common Sensei~ on 4 years ago

Common, this is helpful since it automates the uninstalls. Just check what you no longer want and the uninstalls will automatically launch. Its much better than going to add/remove programs and manually clicking on 20 different apps to uninstall.
Posted by Steve Sinchak on 4 years ago

WOW! This really works great. I just purchased a new laptop which was loaded with tons of unwanted programs. I downloaded this program and withing minuites, I was able to remove these programs and clean-up my new laptop. I know I could have removed them myself but, with all of us being crunched for thime these days, another "assistant" is pretty handy.
Posted by GEO on 4 years ago

I'm with Common Sensei on this one. It's just as quick to open up control panel - remove programs (or uninstall programs if you're on 7). All the programs are right there and it's a simple click of the mouse to remove a program. I mean seriously, by the time you do these 7+ mouse clicks (not including downloading the program), you would have spent the same amount of time (and mouse clicks) removing the programs you don't want by just using control panel. Using this program and doing this manually take about the same amount of time.
Posted by matrix86 on 4 years ago

Will it remove all associated junk in registry related to junk you remove? Uninstalling through windows the normal way does Not. thanks.
Posted by Shreddi on 4 years ago

I D-L this about a week ago and it ran the executable and then wanted me to pay for it before it would uninstall anything. So im sticking with my tried and true REVO Uninstaller
Posted by MikeC on 4 years ago

I simply go into msconfig to stop any process I do not want to run at startup.

And if I want to remove anything (completely!) Revo Uninstaller is much better option in my opinion.
Posted by eric on 4 years ago

wow seems to be an wonderful application. Thanks for sharing
Posted by NavaPavan on 4 years ago

Amazing how some can be so anal isn't it..

There are millions of users out there that Don't know how to do much of anything related to computers so this tip can help tons of them, yet a few geniuses out there have to throw in their whiner comments.
get a life ....
Posted by tommyd on 4 years ago

Yea, If you have an opinion, please, state it in a way that it won't make the less "related to computers people" feel confused, or hesitant to try something that might help them.... Everyone will still know that you have an understanding about computers....

God Bless
Posted by Simono on 3 years ago

that's useful......
Posted by wooooolw on 2 years ago

That's a good idea to remove those pre-bundled software in new PC.
Posted by a124cd on 2 years ago

Truly excellent weblog I'll definitely be coming back to look at it every day very soon

Posted by marina dubai on 2 years ago

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