Make Windows Vista look like Windows 7

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Want to bring the look of the Windows 7 taskbar and interface to Windows Vista?  Thanks to the hard work of a dedicated Vista user, everyone can download a special visual style for Windows Vista that will transform your pc.  

Before you can install the new visual style the visual style engine must be patched to allow non-Microsoft visual styles.  Check out my article on using VistaGlazz to do that.

Once you have patched your visual style engine you are ready to install the theme:

  1. Visit deviantART and download the Windows 7 visual style. 
  2. Extract the files and navigate from the extraction location through Theme and Windows7.  There you will find the Windows7.msstyles file. Copy that file to c:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
  3. Next, just double-click on the file you copied and apply the new style.
  4. If you want to make your taskbar only show application icons like Windows 7 follow these instructions.

Don't forget to explorer the Extra folder. There you will find many Windows 7 icons, wallpapers and more to complete the Windows 7 look.

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Do I really need the windows vistaglazz patch? Mine is vista sp2 and can't use the patch cuz it is an old old patch for my vista. Can I just download the vista changer?
Posted by Okynimaru on 5 years ago

No, but,

you can install it manualy

search google for:uxtheme patcher vista sp2
Posted by windowstweaker on 5 years ago

Sorry to say this does not work in Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. I followed the instructions to the letter and the Windows 7 style does not get applied, probably because it's the WRONG file type.
Posted by Andre on 5 years ago

Andre it work's fine
Posted by jan on 5 years ago

When I downloaded the file, which is a RAR file btw, I unpacked it, but stil the MUI file, I cannot open it. I got Windows Vista, but this is really annoying, as I cannot change the look. I downloaded the vista glaz and it did what it was sposed to do, it's only the theme file that's my problem
Posted by Kim on 5 years ago

Got everything to work. Anyone know how to fix the new shutdown menu from the start menu? Part of it is cut off.
Posted by Drew on 5 years ago

Got it to work, only thing is--its not transparent. Also part of the shutdown icon is cut off like Drew mentioned.
Posted by Eli on 4 years ago

The shut down key could be fixed... exept for the fact i've downloaded an explorer.exe file from a different win 7 pack. You'll have to find the file(some where in the web) and replace the original explorer file. it will modify the shut down keys to become like the one you see in win 7.
sorry i couldn't remember the Link. i'll try to find try to find to.
Posted by Lars on 4 years ago

Ok i've tested it if I'm not mistakened it's the same package i downloaded just look for it .in the folders. by the way there's something mising in the instructions.. you'll have to take ownership of the file in order for you to replace it(explorer.exe), reboot to safe mode then replace it. just in case you might want to save a back up copy of the file.
Posted by Lars on 4 years ago

is it possible to make the quick launch icons more narrow? The clickable area on them are incredibly wide compared to my start bar icons

i will upload a pic if needed
Posted by Ben on 4 years ago

i have the same problem as kim. when i downloaded it's a .RAR file and thats it. nothing to unzip, no .msstyle file, nothing. any help please.
Posted by Joe on 4 years ago

You can turn the taskbar in to the win7 one completely with ViGlance @
Posted by NLFBL on 4 years ago

works but isnt the taskbar in win7 trasparent? my sister has a win7 laptop snd i think it is. would looks better if it was.
Posted by ob on 4 years ago

Is this legal??? Please do let me know. Is this released under some GNU GPL license or something? Or Creative Commons?

Posted by hey on 3 years ago

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