Fix slow web page loading on DSL or any connection

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This tweak is also valid for any windows version, and I have heard other operating systems to include Linux.

Symptom:  10 to 30 seconds delay or maybe even up to 1 minute when loading any web page. Once a web page is up, full internet speed is available, also downloads are not affected by speed loss.  If you have TCP/IP version 6 installed this is highly likely the problem.

How to check if IPv6 is installed (Windows XP):  Open up the control pannel.  If it is titled "pick a category", click "switch to classic view."  Open "Network Connections."  Here there should be a list of your internet connections, they could be network cards, dial-up connections, or others.  Find the one you connect to the internet with, for example "Local Area Connection #1"  Right-click on its icon and choose properties.  In the middle of the properties window you will see a smaller window that is titled "This connection uses the following items."  Some of the common items are: "Client for microsoft networks"  "Internet Protocal (TCP/IP)" 

How to fix (Windows XP):  In this windows if you see one of the items labeled "Microsoft TCP/IP version 6" select it and click the uninstall button.  DO NOT UNINSTALL "Internet Protocal (TCP/IP)" this will disable your internet connectivity completely.

Other Notes:  As far as I know this will be the next internet standard, but for now using the standard "Internet Protocal (TCP/IP)" will work.  You shouldn't find any problems uninstalling IPv6.  You may ask how did this get installed?  IPv6 is listed in windows updates and could be installed this way.  I am guessing that IPv6 slows down web connections because most web servers aren't using it yet.

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worked like a charm!!
Posted by iStar19 on 4 years ago

I've been thrashing this problem for several weeks. I finally found this post, deleted the object, and it worked!!
Posted by edjack on 4 years ago


Have had all the experts look at my computer without success so decided to follow your fix before buying new computer.

Results are unbelievable the pages open in seconds compared to minutes before the fix

Thanks for your help

Posted by john on 4 years ago


Just change internet provider and my speeds slowed down massively. Have checked all sorts of things but to no avail (competent level = tinkerer) Then found your site. just lick edjack deleted the object and now everything is running like a train.
Thanks a bunch!!!! Great result!!!!!
Posted by Ian on 4 years ago

Brilliant! Problem solved.

Like Ian I have recently changed internet provider and despite checking my line speed I couldn't understand why pages were so slow at loading. Searching the net I came across your site and... Hey-presto!
Thanks for your informative advice!! Great result!!
Posted by Steve on 4 years ago

Thankss ALOT MAN
Posted by LOVEYOU on 2 years ago

I've having this same problem with Windows 7.  But, I can't find the item you are talking about here.
Posted by David on 2 years ago

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