Faster startup of Windows XP

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If your computer takes a long time to become useable after starting up or logging on, or you want a clean boot of Winodws XP try this,

Click Start > Run > Type "msconfig"  > On the Startup tab click Disable All and on the Services tab check the Hide All Microsoft Service box and then click Disable All. Click Restart and Windows XP will restart with only the system services and applications running resulting in a vey fast logon / startup.

N.B This tweak will disable all non-system startup sevices and applications so if you have anything you want to run in the background such as anti virus software do not disable that item.

Note from tweakxp Staff - While this tweak will do what it promises, it's not one we recommend. Rather, we suggest you visit the Common Questions area in our support forum and follow the direcitons in the Services post to disable unnecessary services. - Allan

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I recomend looking for a list of the services that contains the eXPlanation of each service so to see this you'd better type services.msc after launching Run from Start.After that you can see the list of services with an explanation for each service so it should be easier for you to decide which one you should or shouldn't stop/disable.
Posted by 3ogdy on 5 years ago

This is not good at all !! If you have antivirus program or firewall or anythig else that HAS to start with the windows it will fail to start... but xp will be like a mad bull (crashing to the firs wall :))
Posted by Eugen on 4 years ago

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