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These Settings will fine tune your systems memory

management -at least 512MB of ram recommended

go to start\run\regedit -and then to the following key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

1.DisablePagingExecutive -double click it and in the decimal put a 1 - this allows XP to keep data in memory now instead of paging sections of ram to harddrive yeilds faster performance.

2.LargeSystemCache- double click it and change the decimal to 1 -this allows XP Kernel to Run in memory improves system performance alot

Reboot and watch your system fly ..happy tweakin

Note: This tweak may cause problems with ATI cards *this is documented by ATI(tweak forum Admin)

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should this works on 512 of ram instaled and free, or 512 of ram instaled and shared 64 to the video onboard card then remaing 448 of ram free.??
Posted by guilherme on 5 years ago

Did this on Windows XP SP 3, totally damaged it, like it doesnt use RAM no more, i had to undo the changes to fix it.
Posted by Edixon on 5 years ago

Same thing happened to me, i had to use System Restore.
Posted by Monotoko on 5 years ago

DON'T DO BOTH TWEAKS!!! When used together they can cause driver issues with each other and cause damage to Windows! This is especially true of systems without a dedicated graphics card, the ones with something like "Intel Integrated Graphics". Actually, if you have integrated graphics DO NOT USE "LargeSystemCache"!!! This will cause a variety of critical problems in the OS itself!
With this said, everyone should know that the "DisablePagingExecutive" tweak is perfectly safe and I've experienced considerable speed from it. My recommendation: DON'T USE "LargeSystemCache"!!! Microsoft clearly states that it's for use with servers anyway.

Issues of using both or of using "LargeSystemCache" with integrated graphics:

- Windows starts and runs extremely slow after login.
- Antivirus and Firewall programs show errors or fail.
- Startup programs fail.
- Windows notifies you that the hard disc is corrupt. (It's not once you go through Sys Restore)
- Checkdisc runs at every start.
- Several bluescreens are possible, especially if you have a slower processor.

The best way to fix this problem is to boot in safemode and go directly to System Restore. Removing the registry changes will not work! The damage has already been done and can only be fixed through System Restore.

ADMINS: Post an update about this on the tweak page before other people try this!!!

Posted by Rairyu on 4 years ago

The descriptions of both settings are almost entirely wrong and should be ignored.

DisablePagingExecutive: Relatively harmless but will do next to nothing if you have adequate memory. If not, it will likely impair performance.

LargeSystemCache: Microsoft has made it quite clear that this setting is for systems that are used primarily as file servers. For general use this will almost always be a bad idea. It will allocate mmeory to to the system cache well beyond the point where application performance is impaired. For some common hardware configurations (not just ATI video cards) this setting is potentially dangerous. Problems range from severe performance hits, system unstability, and data corruption. Be sure you understand the implications and potential riskd before using this setting.

Larry Miller
Microsoft MCSA

Posted by Larry Miller on 4 years ago

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