Delete Prefetch Automatically

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Here's an easy way to delete your prefetch -- Automatically!!

1. Go into My Computer and go into your hard drive.

2. Right-click anywhere that a file is not and select the 'New' submenu and click 'Text Document'

3. Name it "deleteprefetch"

4. Double-click on the text file you just created.

5. Type "del C:\Windows\Prefetch\*.* /Q" (without the quotes).

6. Go to File > Save As... and choose "All Files" from the "Save as Type" box and save it as "deleteprefetch.bat"

7. You just created a batch file that will automatically delete all the files in your Prefetch folder. Congrats.

Note: For more information on Prefetching see the following URL:

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Do not do this! The prefetch is a self regulating folder at 128 entries and about 5mb in size.
Posted by Dave Ross on 5 years ago

Very Helpful Thanks...
Posted by BS Productions on 5 years ago


The prefetch folder is completely system managed and there is no need or benefit in manual deletion of thes files. Doing this will impair performance and has no benefits. The whole concept is based on a total misunderstanding of how prefetch works. This has been extensively tested by Microsoft and others.

Larry Miller
Microsoft MCSA

Posted by Larry Miller on 4 years ago

Will it be done on each start of maching?
Posted by Sajid on 3 years ago

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