Shutdown XP using your keyboard!

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Wouldn’t it be great to easily shut down or restart your computer with a simple keystroke? Well now you can! You know about “Ctrl, Alt, Delete”, but what about “Ctrl, Alt, END”?

Here's how it's done. The instructions are quite simple, and as long as you follow along, this should be rather painless! Please follow step by step!

1. Right click on your desktop. Go to new, and then click on shortcut.
2. A window comes up. Type in “shutdown” (without quotes) add a space and enter one of the following commands.

Eric Greveson, who posted how change shutdown settings below.
Usage: shutdown [-i | -l | -s | -r | -a] [-f] [-m \\computername] [-t xx] [-c "comment"] [-d up:xx:yy]

-i Display GUI interface, must be the first option

-l Log off (cannot be used with -m option)

-s Shutdown the computer

-r Shutdown and restart the computer

-a Abort a system shutdown

-m \\computername Remote computer to shutdown/restart/abort

-t xx Set timeout for shutdown to xx seconds

-c "comment" Shutdown comment (maximum of 127 characters)

-f Forces running applications to close without warning

-d [u][p]:xx:yy The reason code for the shutdown
u is the user code
p is a planned shutdown code
xx is the major reason code (positive integer less than 256)
yy is the minor reason code (positive integer less than 65536)

2. (Continuation) a good example of a shutdown line would read as follows:

“shutdown -s -t 0” (of course, without the quotes)

This tells the computer to run the shutdown program, and to shutdown the computer (marked by –s). The timer is set to zero, which will shut down the computer instantly (marked by –t 0)

3. After you have created your customized shutdown command, click next. Enter a name for it and hit finish

4. Right click on the shortcut you just created, and go to properties.

5. Note where it says “Shortcut Key”. Enter your combination here. I recommend “Ctrl, Alt, END” as stated before, but the choice is purely up to you.

6. Click OK. Your shutdown string is now effective! Just hit that key combination and your computer is off!

Happy Tweaking!

-- Devsforev
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Isn't there a good reason for the computer taking a few seconds to shutdown? i.e. Won't this tweak result in a confused machine at start-up and more so over time?

Posted by Wolfdeck on 5 years ago

followed all instructions precisely, tried several times...did not work.
Posted by dog on 5 years ago

Umm...Built in Windows key +u+u

Windows Key = Opens start menu
Hitting "u" =Selects Shutdown
Hitting "u" =Selects Turn off

Done no need for Tweaks -_-
Posted by wooley on 4 years ago

Win key + u + u does the trick, so no need for any tweaks... :P
Posted by cat on 4 years ago

If you have keyboard shortcut then  you don't need of mouse for many times and you can do your work fastly. Shutdown PC using keyboard is very easy task. You need to press window key then there is option of shutdown then press on it and your PC will be shutdown.
Posted by harrydenzon on 3 years ago

Yes ,it is great to easily shut down or restart my computer with a simple keystroke,that's a great list. Thank you very much!
Posted by bie718 on 3 years ago

Just as quick is to press 'Windows' button folowed by 'U' twice or,
in the power options properties 'advanced' tab under the 'power buttons option' select 'shutdown' in the section headed 'When I press the power button on my computer'. This will shut your PC down with a single action
Posted by Moss on 3 years ago

That's helpful for me and thanks a lot!
Posted by dream965 on 2 years ago

Thanks tell me something about keyboard !but I may  press window key then there is option of shutdown then press on it and my PC will be shutdown.
Posted by wusuopu on 2 years ago

that's I jnow how to shut my machimne down quickly.....
Posted by as321548sppp on 2 years ago

Your are really computer guru!
Posted by errorui on 2 years ago

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