Fresh install with no ACPI.

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Just press F5 after the first screen asking
if you have raid devices to install (will ask at
bottom of screen to press F6) keep pressing F5 to second screen where it will ask to press F2 for recovery console. Keep holding F5 and should get another screen where it will say that it cannot recognize type of pc. There you have two choices: standard pc and other. Select standard and voila no ACPI will be installed.
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This tip would seem to imply that ACPI is somehow undesireable. Not so. ACPI is highly desireable and should be used by the large majority of users. Unless you have a specific need to do otherwise and you fully understand the implications, use ACPI. Do not be mislead by simplistic explanations.

Larry Miller
Microsoft MCSA

Posted by Larry Miller on 4 years ago
Posted by andriusa74 on 4 years ago

Thanks for the tip, was stuck with a non compliant bios and WAS A PAIN.
in fact impossible to instal
After this all was fixed =).
Posted by mamailo on 3 years ago

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