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Having programs run when windows loads slows down your start.

There are two ways do disable programs that may be in your startup (like icq, messanger,)

The easiest is to do the following:
1. start --> run --> msconfig
2. Click on the "startup" tab (furthest right)\
3. Unclick any items you don't want to load when windows starts.

The second is by deleting registry entrys, this can be done the following way:
1. Start --> run --> regedit
2. Navigate to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

3. Delete any entry's that you don't want to load up

Deleting keys from the registry will not allow you to set them to startup again if you change your mind.
Editor's note: Since you always create backup files, when editing the registry, (don't you?), you can restore these, in case you change your mind. yoyo

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Nice article!
And also I recommend to use some good software to make removing programs from startup more easier and handier. For example, I use free Online Solutions Autorun Manager and I'm totally satisfied. Here it is:
Posted by Mike Cr. on 5 years ago

I cant remove application by these two methods. when restart again it appear.
Posted by Manoj on 5 years ago

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