Remove Recycle Bin

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How to remove Recycle Bin Icon from Desktop

If  using XP Pro




On the right hand pane find " Remove Recycle Bin icon on the desktop " , double left click on it to ENABLE it.


If using XP Home

Either use TweakUI or make the change manually in the registry.

Create or modify the following registry entry





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Easy and nice :) Ty very much

Posted by Wackq on 5 years ago

thanx dude its very easy n working very thank full to u dear.....
Posted by mudassir on 5 years ago

Yhank You! :) no regedit :))
Posted by Mayo on 4 years ago

Just thought I'd let you know that I have XP Home Edition running on my pc and the first option works on that as well :D

Thanks Muchly
Posted by Nathalie on 4 years ago

Notes in the setting properties described above say for this to take effect you must log off and back on. Just FYI.
Posted by Tayler on 4 years ago

Thanks really much. I had been trying to remember for a while. You solved it. Thanks again.
Posted by Adi on 4 years ago

" Super easy! Thank you so much "
Posted by Samy on 4 years ago

It also works on Windows 7!! ;)
Posted by George on 4 years ago

Thanks a lot! I got rid of it as instructed. Now, how can I get it back if I need it? Please help.
Posted by Sy on 3 years ago

thanks mann....!! easy work......!! gr8..!
Posted by mittu on 3 years ago

I've made it to the administrator templates but I can't seem to find the desktop icon that was mentioned in instructions. Please Help!
Posted by Xp user on 3 years ago

thank u i got it i like to be a member for this site can u send the reg... site to my mail id ([email protected])
Posted by gokul on 3 years ago

works perfectly

Posted by secret on 3 years ago

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