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How to Get "Show Hidden Files and Folders" Back if it is Missing

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If the option to enable "Show Hidden Files and Folders" is MISSING from your Folders Options > View > Advanced Settings, find this key in your registry:


Modify the string value "Type" and enter "group" as value data.

After the edit is complete hit F5 to refresh, and go look in your Folder Options.
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Posted by Noman Ali on 5 years ago

i tried it and it didnt work
Posted by Personwhotriedit on 4 years ago

Thanks a lot. This works gr8. i tried many spyware tools like counterspy(Sunbelt) but none of them worked. Again thanks a lot
Posted by Vivek101 on 4 years ago

don't work
Posted by shuva on 3 years ago

didn't work
Posted by RODEL on 3 years ago

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