Get rid of welcome screen with autologon

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1. click on "Start" - then click on "Run" - and type
"control userpasswords2"
2. click OK
3. On the Users tab, clear the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" check box and click "Apply".
4. Select the user you want to log on  & click OK. A dialog will appear that asks you what user name and password should be used to logon automatically, just click "OK".

Then go to Control Panel / User Accounts, and click “Change the way users log on or off”, and untick both “Use the Welcome Screen” and “Use Fast User Switching”

Taken from post by: Dirk Diggler on TweakXP board.
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Using the latest version of XP SP3 this does not work. Older versions it might.
Posted by Larry Carter on 5 years ago

I am using the latest version of XP SP3 (Home edition) and everything totally up to date - AND it still works. Great tip.
Posted by NimmerSoft on 5 years ago

***DONT DO IT***
It caused me more problems than it was worth and took hours to sort out.
Download TweakUI and use that
Posted by Disgruntled on 4 years ago

It works fine, but you have to type in the ACTUAL username of the account you want to auto log-on. If you just leave it as "Administrator" you'll be told you can't log in due to an account restriction. Just type inyour actual user name of the Admin. account if this happens.
Tweak should be edited to tell you to not just hit OK when it asks which account you want to auto log-on and rather tell you to type in the username of the admin. account and then click ok without entering a password.
Posted by brp on 4 years ago

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