Make Windows Easy on your Eyes

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Do you use Windows late and night or before bed?  Studies have shown that exposure to bright blue light before bed can make it harder to fall asleep.  And if you are working in a dark room, this bright light can make looking at your screen difficult.  A unique free app called f.lux was designed to solve this problem by automatically adjusting the amount of blue light your screen displays throughout the day. 

When the sun is up, your screen looks normal, but as the sun goes down and sets, the amount of blue light displayed will be decreased giving your display a warmer look that is more friendly for your eyes and your sleep cycle.

Using f.lux to make Windows easier on your eyes

The amount of blue light can be adjusted within the f.lux app to customize the automatic cycle to your preferences.

To get started, click here to download the latest version of f.lux for Windows.  

Once installed, there are two settings you should customize. Open up the app and hit the settings button, and adjust the sliders to select the blue light reduction settings for during the day and at night. 

Customizing f.lux for Windows

Next, you need to set your location by zip code or city name so f.lux can properly calculate when the sun goes up and down in your area.

To wrap up hit the Done button and you are all set. 

If you would like to learn more about the science of f.lux, check out this research page

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