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Posted in Windows XP by Steve Sinchak

WinTasks 5 Professional, how does it work?

WinTasks 5.0 Professional gives you detailed information about each and every process that is running. It provides you with the tools to terminate and eliminate any program that may disrupt, damage, slowdown or crash your system:

  • Detailed process information - Featured in USA Today and the Washington Post, the WinTasks Process Library provides you with the information to determine whether a process is safe or if it is a direct security threat. With daily updates our process library is always one step ahead with the latest process definitions.

  • Terminate unnecessary processes - WinTasks 5 Pro will find all "invisible" background processes such as spywares and other malware and allow you to terminate them with a single click.

  • Block dangerous processes - WinTasks 5 Pro lets you block any unwanted processes or malware for good.

  • Increase system stability - WinTasks 5 Pro provides you with the tools to optimize your system resources minimizing system bottlenecks and crashes and dramatically which improve your overall PC stability

Vulnerability/Problem With WinTasks How WinTasks 5 Pro Will Help You
Security Threats SAFE WinTasks 5 Pro will show you all running processes including: Spyware, Trojans, keyloggers and viruses deployed to disrupt and damage your system and invade your privacy.
Unnecessary Processes SAFE WinTasks 5 Pro will show you and allow you to disable all invisible processes and residuals from uninstalled programs that currently are occupying your system and hardware resources.
System Crashes/Errors SAFE WinTasks 5 Pro will improve resource usage and system settings resulting in increased performance and less bottlenecks and crashes.
System Slowdowns SAFE WinTasks 5 Pro will help you avoid delays, stuttering and general degradation of performance that makes PC operation cumbersome and annoying.
Startup Speed IMPROVED WinTasks 5 Pro will help you remove all unnecessary start-up applications and boost the boot-up time dramatically.
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