nVidia Display Drivers

Posted in Windows Vista by Steve Sinchak

Windows Vista™ is the first Windows operating system that directly utilizes the power of a dedicated GPU (graphics processing unit). NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs are essential for accelerating the Windows Vista experience by offering an enriched 3D user interface, increased productivity, vibrant photos, smooth, high-definition videos, and realistic games.

To fully experience Windows Vista, Microsoft® and other industry experts recommend using a PC that is 10 times* more powerful than those required by previous generations of Windows. NVIDIA nForce®-based PCs deliver uncompromising performance, quality and reliability to fully drive the Windows Vista OS.

NVIDIA nForce motherboards and GeForce GPUs, world renowned for innovation, stability, and award-winning performance, are the choice of reviewers and consumers worldwide. Together, they are essential ingredients for the best Windows Vista experience.

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