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AlphaXP is a powerful system enhancement that adds advanced transparency effects to any Windows 2000/XP computer. It has won many five-star awards for excellence and is regarded by thousands of users worldwide as the system enhancement of choice.

     AlphaXP is the most advanced Windows transparency software available today. Many features have been incorporated into AlphaXP, including: three direct ways to set transparency, two automatic ways to set transparency, smooth fade effects, menu transparency, tooltip transparency, taskbar transparency, and much more! AlphaXP is also the only program to use Advanced Transparency, which is a set of special techniques that greatly improve Windows transparency.

Some of what AlphaXP can do include:

Appended Window Menus
The Appended Window Menus feature adds extra functionality to Window Menus. Almost every window has a Window Menu, which are the menus that can be accessed by clicking a window's icon in the upper left corner of the window and other ways. Window Menus usually contain just the default items, which include "Restore", "Close", and others. Appended Window Menus adds "Opacity" and "Always On Top" to Window Menus, which can be used to change a window's transparency and toggle "Always On Top" on or off. Appended Window Menus
Keyboard Shortcut
The Keyboard Shortcut feature allows you to change a window's effects simply by using an easy keyboard shortcut. This keyboard shortcut is a three-key combination and can be customized to suit your preferences. The keyboard shortcut can change a window's transparency to preset levels, fine tune transparency, remove transparency, and toggle "Always On Top" on or off. Keybord Shortcut
Transparency Button
The Transparency Button feature adds an extra button to every window's title bar. The Transparency Button is usually located next to the minimize button and it lets you change a window's transparency level to any degree possible. It's very easy to use and very powerful, so powerful a safety has been added which restricts the Transparency Button's ability to set transparency too high. The safety is customizable and can be turned off. Transparency Button
Remember Settings
The Remember Settings feature keeps track of what windows you set transparent and the level of transparency you set them to. This way the windows you always want transparent will always be transparent. Remember Settings also has the ability to forget, either specific windows or every window in it's memory.
Fade Effects
Fade-Out Active Opacity
Two Fade Effects: Fade-Out (left), Active Opacity (right)
The Fade Effects feature is really two features, both of which utilize transparency animation effects or fading. The two Fade Effects are called Fade-Out and Active Opacity. Fade-Out performs a cool looking fade-out effect on a window whenever that window is minimizing, closing, or otherwise disappearing. Active Opactiy changes the transparency of the active window and when that window becomes an inactive window Active Opacity smoothly fades it back to it's previous transparency setting. Fade-Out and Active Opacity can be toggled on or off and the speed at which they perform their fades can be customized to one of five speed settings to suit your preferences.
Menu Transparency
The Menu Transparency feature lets you change the transparency level of menus to any degree possible. The vast majority of menus are supported because almost all menus are of one of the following supported types: Standard, Office, Classic Start Menu, or XP Start Menu. Menu shadows are also supported and will change transparency together with their menus. Transparent Standard Menu
Tooltip Transparency
The Tooltip Transparency feature lets you change the transparency level of tooltips to any degree possible. The vast majority of tooltips are supported because almost all tooltips are of one of the following supported types: Standard, Office, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, AOL, AIM, or mIRC. Tooltip shadows are also supported and will change transparency together with their tooltips. Transparent Standard Tooltip
Taskbar Transparency
The Taskbar Transparency feature allows you to change the taskbar's transparency to any degree possible. Taskbar Transparency also has a Fade-In feature, which smoothly fades-in the taskbar whenever you mouse over it. Fade-In can be toggled on or off, and has five speed settings to suit your preferences. Taskbar Transparency with Fade-In
Advanced Transparency
Ugly Flicker AlphaXP Flicker-Free
Compare: Basic Transparency vs. Advanced Transparency
Advanced Transparency greatly improves AlphaXP's core functionality, Windows transparency. Basic Windows transparency has many unwanted side effects such as flicker, blurriness, screen artifacts, misaligned text, inconsistencies between Windows 2000 & Windows XP transparency, and other glitches. Advanced Transparency eliminates almost all of these unwanted side effects, a feat that no other transparency program even attempts. Best of all, Advanced Transparency works automatically and is competely seamless to the user, all you have to know is that when you use AlphaXP, you use the best.
Screen Artifact Glitch Blurriness Glitch
Some Basic Transparency Glitches that Advanced Transparency Fixes
Minimizes to the System Tray
AlphaXP is designed as a system enhancement, not an application to be actively used, such as a word processor. System enhancements bring new functionality to your system while working quietly in the background, some examples of system enhancements you probably already have are the Volume Control and Internet Connection Status icons in the system tray. When you minimize AlphaXP, it minimizes to the system tray so that it too can work quietly in the background. Just like you probably don't think about the Volume Control except when you want to change the volume, you shouldn't think about AlphaXP except when you want to change it's options. The AlphaXP System Tray Menu
Advanced Menus
Advanced Menus add the power of check boxes and radio buttons to menus. This makes menus much more useful and makes it possible for a large Window interface to fit inside a single, powerful menu. For example, look at the AlphaXP system tray menu above and the AlphaXP window below, the small system tray menu encompasses almost everything on the AlphaXP window due to the power of Advanced Menus!
Skin Changer
AlphaXP has the ability to change it's skin. The skin changer is very user friendly because it works on the fly (no restarting) and from a menu so its easy to use.
AlphaXP Whirlpool
Help File
AlphaXP includes a website style help file that explains in detail everything you want to know about AlphaXP and then some.
Start Options
AlphaXP can start with windows and/or start minimized if you want it to. This new feature was added at the request of many users and it shows just how much people like AlphaXP!

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