Peer-2-Peer Networking with FireWire

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

Windows XP has the ability to network through FireWire cables. So far I have created a machine-to-machine network, with a transfer rate of 400mb/sec. Impresive, for a technology that sprung off of universal serial bus, which is a relatively slow technology. I am working on getting a FireWire hub and running a true peer-2-peer network. If you want to create your own FireWire network, this is what you will need:

1. At least 2 machines with FireWire cards.
2. FireWire cables.
3. Windows XP (Not sure if this works with home edition).

Simply, connnect the two computers together with the FireWire cable, run the networking wizard and it is done. The speeds are very impressive and networking with games is much faster.

The down falls of FireWire networking come in the network administration area. The only protocol available to FireWire is TCP/IP. So those games that require IPX/SPX are out of luck.

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