Skipping/Laggy Logitech MX500 in Counter-Strike with fUnc pad

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

Pretty much what the title says.  I went crazy figuring out how come my logitech MX500 would skip when I had edited the registry, installed every version of drivers, tried Microsoft's drivers, scoured every forum, and still to no avail could I get my mx500 to perform properly in Counter-Strike.

I use a fUnc pad for mousing, and I use a very low sensitivity in counter-strike for precise aim.  In order to make a sharp turn, I must move the mouse very fast and very far across the mouse pad.  The surface must've created a mirror-like texture to the laser as it could not read such a fast motion on such a smooth surface.  In the past I've used the smoother side (or "less textured") of the pad..  now that I've flipped it over to the reverse side, quick precise mouse actions are no longer a problem.


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