KaZaA And iMesh Become One

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

I found this little trick out when changing the setting on booth Kazaa and imesh. This tweak alows you to search for files on the KaZaA p2p application and download them on the more stable and faster imesh server this is how it is done

1. Create a new folder in My Documents called "Imesh And Kazaa"
2. Open KaZaA
3. Click Tools then Options
4. Click on Traffic
5. The where it says "Folder for downloaded file" put it in the "C:/My Documents/imesh and kazaa" folder
6. Close KaZaA
7. Open Imesh
8. Click on "Preferences" then "options"
9. then click on "Locations"
10. Then click on "Change" and make it the "imesh and kazaa" folder you created earlyer.
11. Close iMesh

now to search for files on kazaa and download them on imesh this is what you have to do

1. Open Kazaa
2. Search for the file you want
3. Start the download
4. Close kazaa
5. Open imesh
6. then if you click on the download icon you will notice that the download is also there

SUBNOTE: this can also work the reverse way search on imesh and download on kazaa
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