Remove Kazaa Spy Ware

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

I am sure that even though Kazaa lite is out, many people still use Kazaa.
So this is a way to remove the spyware from kazaa, without downloading any
software. what the spyware does is looks at everything you are doing and sends
it to a company named 'Brilliant'. I know, its very scary. So heres the way to
uninstall it....
1 click the start button, then go into control panel.
2 in the control panel select add remove programs
3 in the add remove programs screen highlight the file name
'B3d projector'
4 click change\remove button
(you may get a message that the uninstall is sussessful.)
5 click the start button> search> for files or folders
6 Type in "BDE" (no quotations)
7 a folder will be found. double click the folder
8 open the folder, then run the file called bdeclean.exe
9 go back to the search field and type in "Brilliant"(no quotations)
10 if the folder is found delete it
12 then back in the search field, find each one of the these then delete them.


Enjoy without being seen by ooh ooh aah aah..
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