Fix bug in IE 6.0 sendmail.dll file (Functionality of Menu/Send/Link by Email)

Posted in Windows XP by Community Submission

In IE6 when trying to Send/File/Link by Email from the menu bar, IE6 prevents the loaded Web Address from being copied into the email message area of either OE6 or Outlook XP. This does not occur in IE 5.5. This is specifically regarding the IE feature, which allows the convenient quick paste of the Web Address into an email message area without having to manually copy and paste.
(This does not address OE or Outlook security
blocking of misc. attachments.)

To fix this, a copy of IE 5.5 sendmail.dll file is required, located in the Windows/System folder. Delete or rename and/or backup the IE 6.0 sendmail.dll file, which is located in the Window/System32 folder (Windows XP). Paste the IE 5.5 sendmail.dll into the Windows/System32 folder. This will allow you to use the Menu/Send/Link by Email function on the IE 6.0 menu bar. I have not noticed any adverse effects from doing this, but if one encounters problems, it is easy to reverse.

This bug has been reported to Microsoft and they are studying it.)
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