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Posted in Windows XP by Steve Sinchak

classMCE™ Mail for Windows Exchange Server is an advanced communications and personal information manager with a 10 foot interface for the Media Center experience.  It runs on Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 and is fully integrated with the Media Center shell.  It runs directly on the client computers and requires no software to be loaded on the Windows Exchange Server.

The program uses the latest Microsoft collaboration technologies in order to communicate directly with Exchange Server over HTTP.  As such, all emails are displayed directly from the server, without any downloading necessary onto your local Media Center Edition computer.  The underlying technology is similar to the Outlook Web Access and Outlook Mobile Access interfaces and avoids the use of MAPI or other outdated technologies.

While currently only the e-mail functionality is enabled in the Beta version, the release version will includes access to all Exchange Server stores (including calendar, tasks, public folders, etc.). 

The software is not designed as a replacement to Microsoft Outlook or similar clients, but rather for times when you want to quickly check your email, compose simple replies, or check your calendar.

This software is free for non-commercial use, and includes a runtime version of the classMCE™  SDK.

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