On-screen keyboard HP envy printer

Posted one year, 307 days ago in Hardware Support by computernovice

I am trying to hook up my hp PC to my hp printer. I already have a lenova PC hooked up to the printer. In addition, I have an tp-link router in addition to my att router. My problem is: When I try to input my password on the on screen keyboard on the envy printer, the keyboard has grouped numbers and letters that are making it impossible. For example, 1and2 are combined as 12. So, if I want to input 2, it defaults to the first number 1 when I press it. Or, abc are combined, and it also defaults to the first letter. How do I get it past that first number or letter so I may choose the second or third?

Also, can I have it connected by both Ethernet cord on the lenova PC (more secure) and wireless on my hp PC?

Thank you.

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