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Posted 2 years, 217 days ago in Windows 7 by gilera


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Have just started having a yellow warning triangle attached to the wireless icon when I boot laptop Aspire 5740.
On wireless direct from router this does not occur but I normally use a Dap-1320 extender. Looking at status of the Dap-1320 with the yellow mark it says internet access and indeed it is working fully. I can remove yellow triangle by, 1/ unplugging the Ethernet connector, then plug it back in and the yellow warning stays away but when I hover over wireless icon it says: unidentified network but shows internet access. 2/ If I run Diagnose on Dap-1320 status this clears the yellow warning also with same message. Both of these fixes are void at next reboot and I have to repeat one of them to remove yellow triangle. It is not a problem in receiving internet with the yellow triangle in view but I wonder what could have started this occurring?

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