microsoft edge trouble

Posted 2 years, 305 days ago in Virus / Spyware Problems and Security Software Issues by SSC-NY

Hi there
I just upgraded my windows 8.1 pro to windows 10. While I was trying to open some site to watch movies it warned me that windows detected some possible virus attach and prompted me to call some number for immediate assistance from expert. I called and the guy walked me through event viewer and other tools to show that there are virus and many services were turned off while they should not be. Anyway, at the end he asked me to subscribe yearly to install some internet security tools.
I ran the avg internet security software but nothing was found. even windows defender did not find anything. But whenever I open MS edge, it goes to that tech site and hold me up with the dialogue box with that phone number.
I could not find any section here regarding windows 10. Could you guys help me solve this problem? I had many valuable assistance from you guys and I come back whenever I face any problem.

I appreciate your assistance and services.


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