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Posted 8 years, 119 days ago in Off Topic Forum by Allan

Since Holiday Season means extra driving for some of us I thought I'd make a suggestion to help keep you a little safer....
I tend to check the tire pressure on my cars every couple of weeks. Two or three weeks ago the temperature here was in the mid 50's. Now it's in the mid 20's. When I checked the tires a few days ago they were 5 pounds low - all due to the change in temperature. Guys, five pounds is HUGE - especially in poor weather. The difference in traction between a properly inflated tire and a 5 pound under inflated tire is significant. Do yourselves and your families a favor this Holiday - before piling everyone in the car and heading out to celebrate, check the tires.
Be safe, and have a great Holiday.


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chilly willy 1193 posts Senior Advisor
Posted 8 years, 119 days ago

Thanks for the reminder.
I keep a tire gauge in the pocket of my drivers door & also check my tire pressure frequently. Uneven tire pressure makes my car bounce off of bumps on the goat paths they call freeways here in Washington State.
My room mate has had a slow leak in one of her tires & is planning to drive across the state with her family for the holidays. I have told her that I would take the wheel off of her car & to the tire shop to be fixed, but shes been having a difficult time clearing enough time in her busy schedule to be with out a vehicle for as long as that would take.

damnyank 1551 posts Moderators
Posted 8 years, 119 days ago

Allan, thanks for the reminder. As luck would have it, tire pressure monitoring is one of the extras I got on my 2009 Tacoma, so my pressures are constantly monitored. Mrs DY drives a 2004 Camry that does not have that function, and she drives it very conservatively, although we drive it on long trips as the MPG is so much better than the truck. Prior to our trip to Pennsylvania this past summer, I had the Goodyear deler who does all our maintenance check our tires and the tread was fine, the pressure was fine, but the tires were over 6 years old and starting to dry rot. Yup we had them replaced and had a safe trip - not to mention were worry free.

Here's a link that tells you how to tell how old your tires are and also additional links at the bottom of the article that gives you a bunch of links about useful tire info.


Allan 8536 posts Administrators
Posted 8 years, 119 days ago

I don't trust anyone to check my tires but me. I've gotten a car back from the dealership after service including rotation and pressure checking with a 5lb difference among the tires (meaning at least one was 5 lbs off).