What should I charge for Small Business network installation

Posted 9 years, 145 days ago in Off Topic Forum by cmpufxr

OK guys, I work for a medium size company and one of the previous employee's asked me to setup a network for his small business.

The problem is I haven't done any type of consulting work and really don't know what reasonable amount I should charge him.

This is in the Washington DC area.

What I did was install and configure the following

-Linux server for security, firewall, VPN, Anti-spam, Anti-virus, DHCP, DNS
-windows 2003 SBS with exchange,users folders, shared folder, active Dir, print server, file server, created user account.
-1 network color laser jet printer
-5 desktops running windows XP, anti-virus, flash, java, office small business edition, defender, mapped user & shared folders, mapped printer to all user accounts.

in the future he is going to want to have the ability for 50 remote employees to access folders and email(via pop).

(3) on-site and remote/phone support

what would the going rate be for initial installation and what would be a fair hourly rate for the support?

I don't want overcharge him but I really don't want to work for free either as I already have a full time job and this cuts into Miller Time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Ctrl_Alt_Del 428 posts Advisor
Posted 9 years, 144 days ago

Tough answer.

It would primarily depend on what the going rate for an IT and network professional would be for your area. Around where I live, the going hourly rate is approximately $100 per hour, but this is the Midwest and the 'cost of living' here is very reasonable. It doesn't cost as much for tangible goods and services as it would in a major metropolitan.

Based on that information you gather from your area, charge a small amount less than the going rate. For example, if an IT pro charges $200 per hour to install networking machines and such, charge 25% less than that, but at the same time, keep it profitable for you. This way, you make a fair amount for your services and time, and the word gets around that you charge less than "the big guys" for the same thing. You can make some new customers that way (only if you're interested in doing so). Word of mouth travels fast.

Overall, if you charge less than the pro's do, the company you installed it for will also see the savings and just may keep you in mind in the near future for a "company upgrade". See where this is going?

Good luck.



cmpufxr Forum Members
Posted 9 years, 143 days ago

Thanks, although I am not looking at making this a full time job, A little extra consulting is good as long as it doesnt become a big inconvienance. I'm thinking about $150.00 hr should be good.