Update for Windows XP (KB935448)

Posted 11 years, 77 days ago in Security News and Software Updates & Definitions by quietman7

Install this update to resolve an issue where the Realtek HD Audio Control Panel may not start after you install security update KB925902 (MS07-017) and security update KB928843 (MS07-008)...

Note: Do NOT install this update if you are not having the above issue.
File Name: WindowsXP-KB935448-x86-ENU.exe
Version: 935448
Knowledge Base (KB) Articles: KB935448
Date Published: 4/3/2007
Download link http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=74ad4188-3131-429c-8fcb-f7b3b0fd3d86&displaylang=en&tm.


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Allan 8536 posts Administrators
Posted 11 years, 77 days ago

Here's the fix quietman:


Berton 2267 posts Moderators
Posted 11 years, 77 days ago

Just a note, it appears not all installations of the RealTek sound adapter will have the Rthdcpl.exe file mentioned. My Gigabyte board with the VIA chipset doesn't have it and I don't have the problem with the two updates mentioned in that KB.

I will be dealing with a new HP later today that has the problem.


vinceione 1307 posts Advisor
Posted 11 years, 77 days ago

I've got Realtek on two of my laptops, but I've never seen the Realtek HD Audio Control Panel. I am just curious now about it. How do you open that Control Panel? Is it an icon that you see in the Windows Control Panel?Incidentally, I've read that instead of the MS fix, you can update your Realtek drivers.
But I've not checked it out, neither of my computers have the affected file shown above.