How to get Free Microsoft Training

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With the goal of making quality training on Microsoft products more accessible using modern technology, Microsoft has expanded the Microsoft Virtual Academy world-wide. Also known as the MVA, the growing site offers free training created and delivered by the product experts at Microsoft via live online and on-demand training courses. 

After completing course modules, users earn points that are used to compete against other MVA students. Additional points can be earned by taking assessments after completing an entire course. The MVA site allows users to create learning plans and automatically builds an online transcript of all classes taken. Courses vary in length and cover just about all Microsoft products including:

  • Lync
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • System Center
  • Visual studio
  • Windows
  • Windows Azure
  • Windows Intune
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Server

Microsoft also offers classes covering general topics and concepts including:

  • App Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • C# / XAML
  • HTML5
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Management & Securty
  • Managing Desktop & Devices
  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Virtualization

Click here to visit the Microsoft Virtual Academy and browse the free training.

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