Vanishing Point: New Video after solving all!

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After you finishing solving all of the current Vegas puzzles on you are presented with a new video from Loki as shown below.

Video: Vanishing Point Game - Vegas Games Solved Video

At the end of the video "/on_the_run" flashing on the screen in a few places. Since that looked like a URL I headed over to and was greeting with another message from Loki:

Good, you’re paying attention.

You’ve found something that very few others will…

This page is not part of the challenge to give away a trip into space….it’s something different.

When I was hired to build the Vanishing Point, I realized it was an opportunity to build something personal that I’ve been trying to find a way to build for many years now, and that if players were smart enough to get through the puzzle suites, they might also be smart enough to help me with this.

So let’s see if you can help. In return, I have one amazing bonus prize to give away.

If you are the first person in the world to help me find my own vanishing point, I will print your name on the actual casing of every AMD Athlon 64 FX computer chip manufactured between now and March 31, 2007.

When the time is right, I’ll ask you a question. For now, follow this trail to get the word it leads to.

Hurry up and contact her if you want your name on an AMD Athlon 64FX chip!


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