Best monitor for under 400 dollars?

Posted 9 years, 172 days ago in Off Topic Forum by Super_Pie

Hey guys. I'm looking for a good monitor under 400 dollars.
My preferences are the following:

Anything above 20" inches is great.
High contrast ratio
Good response time (5-2ms)
Not too bulky, not too heavy
Good for Gaming, but also good for everyday tasks, such as word documents (IE: Good display of text and other things)

And, as stated it has to be under 400 USD. I am looking primarily for a place to buy it from that I can get on a payment system since I can't pay outright right now. I am willing to go as high as 500, but I need a good reason to do so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially considering I haven't had much help on other sites as of yet.


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Gujusouljah 892 posts Senior Advisor
Posted 9 years, 170 days ago

Great website is TigerDirect and here are some suggestions.

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