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Posted 9 years, 179 days ago in Off Topic Forum by AwayTeam


I belong to a few boards and forums dealing with both technology and just other things that interest me. On almost all these forums, there is a button reading something like, "View Posts Since Your Last Visit," or "New Posts," or "Today's Posts" or something like that.

I think maybe I am blind or close to it, because it don't see any such option here at this forum. So, is there a link, button, switch or something that I can click on that will allow me to see what has been posted here since the last time I visited.

Although this is a great forum loaded with knowledge that is hard to come by (especially for free), and there are some very dedicated members here who come daily just to help and ask nothing in return, but this forum isn't one of my regular stops. Sorry to say, I only come here when I need help or I am looking for a hack for this or that. So, that is why I was wondering if there were some way I could view all the posts that were posted since I last logged in? Maybe it is here all along, and I just don't know where to look. The main reason such a 'button' would be valuable to me is it may allow me to give back a little that I have taken from here. For instance, I really don't have the time to go through all the different sections, but if there were a way to just see posts I haven't yet seen, it would save me time and perhaps I could answer a few questions, since I have learned a lot from here. And next, it is just a great way to learn new things. Perhaps there would be a question 'hidden' in a section of the forum that I wouldn't ever click on unless I needed to ask someone who goes to that section a question or two. If you had a 'New Posts" button, then I would be exposed to things I wouldn't normally see. Am I making any sense to anyone?

I know I ramble on and on, it could be the caffeine or the lack of it that causes such behavior. Please forgive me if you find it annoying.

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damnyank 1551 posts Moderators
Posted 9 years, 179 days ago

Upper Right Side of page on same line that the Welcome"user name" (Logout) appears is "Recent Posts" .
Hover over this - you'll get a finger and left click on it. This will give you a drop down the will give you options - one of which is Posts since my last visit.
I hope this is what you are asking about!


AwayTeam 63 posts Forum Members
Posted 9 years, 179 days ago

I'll be damned, damnyank. It was there all along and I just didn't see it. I should pay more attention and that way I wouldn't have had to ask such a stupid question. I thank you for pointing it out to me.

damnyank 1551 posts Moderators
Posted 9 years, 178 days ago

Glad I could help out!