Movies online?

Posted 9 years, 229 days ago in Off Topic Forum by scott02919

Does anyone else watch movies online. I watch movies from that require Firefox. I don't have it yet I can still watch the movies. Was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat. Maybe you can then answer a question for me. Like, why are the dark scenes nearly impossible to view? OK, that's all I got. Thanks.

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Access Denied 1651 posts Senior Advisor
Posted 9 years, 228 days ago

I use Netflix to watch movies online and it requires IE. I can view all dark scenes just fine. I believe the video card/drives and possibly the monitor control how it looks. Of course though, the movie you are watching must be really good quality for it show up in good quality, no matter what hardware you have.


scott02919 62 posts Forum Members
Posted 9 years, 228 days ago

It must be a quality issue. I watch these movies free, not like Netflix, although not illeagal it seems like it should be. I can watch movies that just came out on DVD. I suppose free has its disadvantage. DARK disadvantage :-)

chilly willy 1193 posts Senior Advisor
Posted 9 years, 227 days ago

Hi scott02919

In the upper left corner of Windows Media Player there is a square button under the words "Now Playing". Click that button then pick "Enhancements" then "Video Settings" if needed use the Left Right buttons in Windows Media Player to find the Brightness and Contrast slides.

Using these sometimes makes the video look a little washed out, but atleast you can see what's getting them in the dark.

scott02919 62 posts Forum Members
Posted 9 years, 227 days ago

Thanks but unfortunatly the movies I watch on several sites don't run in Windows Media Player :-(