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Posted 10 years, 16 days ago in Off Topic Forum by gany

I know that this is not going to help me right now as I am already a victim of theft. My wallet has been stolen and I have lost all my important documents that even included my financial details. I fear that they may be used to make my accounts drain. I have already taken the necessary steps for this but this is going to be a real danger in future as it is sometimes too late and by that time everything is gone. I wanted to know that if there are any pre-steps that we can take in case of wallet theft?

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samueljin Forum Members
Posted 10 years, 15 days ago

I was also a victim of wallet theft and that made me to look for the answers concerning these issues. I recently heard about Wallet Lock which is a service effective against theft. In this, the company helps you to make your details secure and in case of your wallet being stolen they help you to get back the details and make you feel secure about the information not being used to your harm. It really makes us feel comfortable to go on a spending spree without the hassle to be panicked when your wallet is stolen. I hope that you will find this information useful and make it work in your best interests.

quietman7 2958 posts Moderators
Posted 10 years, 12 days ago

You also need to be concerned about identity theft.

File a report with your local police department and read


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